O hai

I'm still around.

I'm thinking of doing a beard and mustache tutorial. I can explain how to do it with latex, since I can't touch latex to my face, and I can show it with spirit gum.

Also, redoing the ringblade.

And most of the costume for Tira.

And. So. I'm still around just not doing anything good.

Ohkay I wub yew bah bah


I just got my first wig in for my spifty costumes, the base brown for my Tira, and I must say I am so pleased with it! It's a short wig, my plan being to follow up with two clip-in ponytails all long and crap so then I have a "ponytail" look. We will see, eh? But I just got up the nerve to put this wig on (Iiiii don't have much luck with wigs) and it's supremely adorable. ^^ I just need to make my own wigcap -eyes stockings menacingly- and I will be good to go.

Can't wait to get all the rest of the wig stuff in - my Lina Inverse red should be here any day now. I swear I ordered it from the same person. Lol

Hey Look

An entry! Within a year! LOOK AT THAT!

I finished version one of the Ringblade and honestly... it was... not that successful. I used paper mache and spackle and had I not gotten frustrated I might have pulled it off.

I'm beginning again. No paper mache, but with duct tape (hand to God hehe)... and spackle. And probably joint filler overtop to smooth it since spackle likes to get divets.

I'm also sick as a dog and just watching Princess Bride curled up in bed in a cocoon of blankets. So no progress. I will try to take step shots so I can show them off, in case anyone cares lol.

There's 1.0 and me in my shecksay pajamas. Oh yes.

Tira - Soul Calibur IV

My first costume for D*con 2009 is Tira (red outfit) from Soul Calibur IV.

I've been working on the ringblade, I also have the buttons and loop thingiers for the outfit. I tried cutting out a first try for the outfit but I'm not sure I like it. I also have to put gold stripes on there. -groan- By hand. Woo-hoo...

So that's all so far. Just stalking cosplay.com

I'll try to do a step-by-step for the Ringblade when I'm done with it.


Countdown: Somewhere around four hours. ^^

Anyhoo. I've decided to TRY to update the LJ every day on the progress of my nanonovel.

Wordcount: 0/50,000 (Maybe 100k if I hit 50k in fifteen days ^^)

Right now the plot and stuff works. Hope it stays that way. Whoot.


There's the first update. Yawn, tired.